Nederlandse Stichting Helpen met Paarden – Equitherapie

EU-project-SHP -afgesloten

Finishing Report of SHP:
A European qualification framework for practice and training in animal mediated
assistance and therapy
010-1-FR1-LEO04-14357 2


  • Fitram France
  • Handhippo Belgium
  • Stowarzyszenie Strapate Ranczo Poland
  • Slovenska hipoterapeuticka spolocnost Slovakia
  • Förderkreis Therapeutisches Reiten e.V. Germany
  • SHP-E(Nl) Nederlandse Stichting Helpen met Paarden – Equitherapie

Silent (associated) partner

  • Fundacja Hippotherapeutica Poland

Find here links to
the final report an assesment of the NL National Agency
and a lot op products and documentation of this project
Notes of the partner meetings:
Notes of the working group Data Collection leaded by SHP
Lectures and products of SHP during the project
SHP asked the partners to adapt the presented folder before publishing at the 5th partner meeting (see final report):
  •  SHP was not approving the produced folder because of bad and not equal representation of the practices
    in different countries and a lot of safety problems shown in the pictures. We carried out a
    survey in the Netherlands to argue evidence based arguments and wanted to present and discuss them with the partners at the 5th meeting in order to improve the folder together. (see final report and report of a student) We found that the folder did not represent at all the situation and quality and safety measures handled by our organization in the Netherlands. Finally the folder was published without our permission. So we asked to remove our logo and the only picture of SHP in it before publishing and distributing. Partners agreed, but unfortunately still the folder seems to be  published with our  logo and not permitted  foto in it and photoraphs of unknown persons under the name of NL, whch are not representing the practice of working of Equitherpists SHP at all. We consider dissimination of this folder as very much misleading and damaging for the reputation of SHP and its quality standards, 
  • Not approved folder  and more information see more detaileed on Bad PR for AMAT
Photo's and description of meetings an activities at the homepage of SHP
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Submission forms and questionnaires developed for this project:
Link to the submission forms for the survey carried out for this project
Questionnaires for survey "State of the Art in the partner countries"
Basic version of the questionnaire for practitioners and organizations working in AMAT
    • Photos of the LDV project
    • Meetings of the LDV project
    • Students taking part in the SHP equitherapists education and examinations

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4 th LDV Meeting of partners at the HippoCampus trainings centre of SHP-E(NL)
SHP organized a 1 day workshop for partners and students
at the HippoCampus Training centre 7th october 2011
Aim: Introduction to the working methods of the SHP and training Equitherapie (SHP) and the certification system for quality assurance. Initial discussion with other colleagues (from the countries: France, Poland, Slovakia, Belgium Germany) about the differences and similarities of training in the expectation of our organizations to develop the EU framework.
Partners attending this workshop where:
France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands (with students), Slovakia (with student)
During the first dinner of the meeting Ulrike THiel presented a slide show over the Netherlands made by Annet and Ulrike to give our partners an introduction to their inviting partner country
 Forms developed for the working group Data collection Data collection fulfils the function to (1) support the report of our project with facts, about the practice of and training for AMAT measures in all the partner countries, Further to (2) support our Framework and Code of good practise by important publications and research results on the affectivity of AMAT Finally(3) they organize the collection of important contacts for AMAT organizations. Practitioners and trainings providers, politicians, health organizations, insurance companies and scientists……. and persons and organizations for dissemination of the final results. for more details see

Link to the submission forms for the survey carried out for this project
Questionnaires for survey "State of the Art in the partner countries"

The Dutch LDV team: